NENUTEC Air - ROTARY DAMPER ACTUATOR | Electronic Fail-Safe® Air 5 Nm | 2 Point control

NENUTEC Air - FSAA230-05

Rotary valve actuators with Electronic Fail-Safe® (EFS®) func- tion are designed and produced for extended functionalities in HVAC systems fan coil and laboratory applications.

Electronic Fail-Safe® (EFS®) is able to manage short voltage interruptions for max. 4 seconds. In case of longer voltage interruption they will move the 2 - 3 way valves if necessary to a pre-defined emergency position (EPS).


  • Modell / Type FSAA230-05
  • Torque 5 Nm
  • Power supply AC 230V
  • 2 Point control
  • Damper size 1.0 m²
  • Schaft dimension
    6 to 16 mm round / 5 to 12 mm square
    Minimum shaft length 40 mm
    • Digital greentech technology
    • Selectable direction of rotation by switch
    • Actuator with 1000 mm cable connection
    • Customer version (on request)

Product Data Sheet

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